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Swim-tastic Makeovers: Discover Refreshed Beauty with our Houston Renovation Team

Over the past quarter, Houston's renovation team has been diligently transforming aquatic spaces.

At College Station Middle School, an extensive renovation project was completed of the 8-lane competition pool and pump room. This project included incorporating anchors to facilitate an ADA lift and water polo goals, in addition to the installation of new stainless-steel handrails, ladders, and starting blocks. The facility’s pump room saw the installation of a new UV system, pump motor, an automated fill system, a chemical monitoring system, and an Acid-Rite chemical feeder. The renovation also included the replacement of the waterline, gutter, and parapet tile, with a restoration of the water polo course tile. The outdated sand filter system was replaced by a singular Neptune Benson high-rate sand filter. Creating a balance between innovation and sustainability, the Accu-tab chlorinator system and the preexisting pool heating system were reused, a new pool vacuum was procured, and the safety equipment was refurbished. Most notably, the entirety of the above-ground pool circulation piping underwent replumbing and the pool shell was replastered. Click here to view more photos.

In early 2024, we conducted a renovation of Rice University's Aquatic Center's pump room. The most significant upgrade included the replacement of eight outdated sand filters with two Neptune Benson fully automated Defender Regenerative media filters for both the competition and leisure pools. In addition, new PVC pipes, valves, and fittings were modified and integrated to accommodate the upgraded filters, cutting-edge variable frequency drives and flow meters were installed, and the Progressive team connected the updated piping to existing heaters and chemical systems. Click here to view more photos.

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