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Renovation Revelations: Splash into Style with Our St. Louis Renovation Team

Our St. Louis renovation team is in full swing, tackling multiple projects this quarter with dedication and expertise.

Collaborating with a local General Contractor, we are currently in the process of renovating the St. Ann bathhouse. The existing pools have been successfully demolished, making way for the installation of a new pool and splash pad as depicted in the attached rendering. With the pool demo completed, we are gearing up for excavation in the upcoming weeks, targeting completion by May 2025.

Westport Pools built The City of Columbia ARC’s indoor pool in 2000. A new play structure is being installed over the summer, accompanied by the refinishing of the surface around the APU area with tile and pebble sheen. Additionally, there are plans to replace two water features situated near the ramp entrance of the pool.

Crestview Middle School's indoor pool, originally featuring 6 lanes, is undergoing a transformation to 5 lanes with the removal of the concrete gutter. The upgrade includes the installation of a new stainless-steel gutter and an ADA accessible ramp, replacing lane 6. The pool will boast a modern pebble finish, updated tiled racing lanes and targets, aligning it with 2024 standards. Anticipated to finish in the spring of 2024, this renovation also involves the installation of new starting blocks to

accommodate the needs of the largest swim

team in St. Louis, the Rockwood Swim Club.

Whitmoor Country Club, situated in St. Charles County, Missouri, is undergoing a design-build project led by Landmark. The facility includes a 6-lane, 25-yard competition pool equipped with two tube slides, a basketball goal, and an Aqua ZipN. Notably, the diving well has been replaced with a kid-friendly splash pad featuring Life Floor and water features. Additionally, new starting blocks are being installed. Commencing in late summer 2023, the project is on track for completion in Spring 2024.

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