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Pump Room Perfection: Check Out the Stunning Upgrades Performed by our Austin Service Team

Our service team in Austin, Texas has been hard at work for the past few months. At Robin Bledsoe Park in the City of Leander, our team executed a comprehensive upgrade, installing two new stackable Neptune Benson filters, an Aquionics UV system, Accu-Tab, and Acid-Rite chemical feeders. Additionally, we implemented a new pump and Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to enhance the park's filtration system.

The project at Texas Tech University involved a substantial demolition effort, where we undertook the task of gutting out their old stainless steel filters. The transformation included installing a new Neptune Benson Defender filter, RMF panel, all-new actuator valves, VFD, and pump to modernize and optimize the filtration infrastructure.

In the City of Pharr, our team successfully executed a chemical conversion project, transitioning the system to Accu-Tab and Acid-Rite for improved efficiency and performance. These projects showcase our commitment to enhancing water treatment systems and ensuring they meet the highest standards of functionality and effectiveness.

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