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Freezing Temperatures Ahead!

Prepare your pools to minimize damage.

  1. Prior to the freezing temperatures, clean or backwash your filter to ensure proper water flow.

  2. During freezing conditions, run your pool pump and all feature pumps continuously. Moving water is less likely to freeze.

  3. Valve off and drain any plumbing lines that do not have a continuous flow if possible. Otherwise, insulate non-flowing plumbing lines with proper insulation to prevent freezing. We recommend calling for facility specific instructions or questions.

  4. Consider slightly opening the fill line if there is no chance of flooding the facility if the pool is overfilled.

  5. Check on your facility periodically during the freezing temperatures to make sure the power hasn’t been shut off. If you experience a power outage, call Progressive immediately for assistance.

Progressive teams are standing by to assist as needed. Stay safe!

Contact us at 281-982-0212

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