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Featured in Colorado Parks and Rec Association's Technical Tuesday Newsletter

As one of the Colorado Parks and Recreation Association's partners, Progressive was mentioned in their Technical Tuesday newsletter that was sent out on July 25th, 2023.

In the newsletter they said...

"Progressive Commercial Aquatics, Inc. is a premier builder of commercial swimming pools and water features. They are pre-qualified by some of the most reputable designers in the world. Progressive Commercial Aquatics, Inc. has been a dependable and progressive corporation since 1982, with a focus on technology and new trends within the industry.

Recreational aquatic needs have dramatically changed over the past 15 to 20 years. Today’s pool facility must provide a full range of attractions and activities that can compete with commercial waterparks and countless other entertainment options. Properly designed facilities should exceed your guest’s expectations while engaging the entire family in one aquatic venue.

Along with our selected partners, Progressive Commercial Aquatics can provide your project with any level of design assistance; from providing consulting assistance to your local architect or engineer, to providing a fully engineered stamped design package completed and ready for final cost negotiations. Their experienced professionals will help guide you through all phases of development from planning to opening day."

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