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Dipping A Toe into our Central Texas Division: Updates from Q3

Progressive's Central Texas Division, based out of Austin, completed several projects in the second half of Q2. These projects include Pflugerville Gilliland Creek's surge tank installation which was completed in July, and the City of San Marcos' pump room renovation which was completed in June.

Our dedicated service and renovation teams are currently juggling multiple projects. The pool renovation at the Texas State Hospital in San Antonio is progressing smoothly, and we are making headway on the replacement of the pool liner at the City of Midland's Swim Center.

Over at the University of Texas, the two bulkhead replacements for the Texas Swim Center are on track for completion by the end of August. Meanwhile, the Brushy Creek Cat Hollow pool renovation, pictured below, is steadily advancing and is anticipated to be finalized by the start of September.

With an unwavering commitment to providing exceptional services and ensuring the efficient finalization of every project, our Central Texas Division is eagerly looking forward to the continuation of Q3 and the beginning of Q4!

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