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abc13 Mentions PCA's Alief Neighborhood Center Build

On Sunday, July 16th, abc13 published an article about free swimming lessons that were offered at PCA's build, Alief Neighboorhood Center, as a part of the 'Summer of Safety' series.

The neighborhood center offered free swimming lessons to people of all ages in response to two young children drowning in the San Jacinto River. Councilmember Tiffany Thomas said that "we have access to resources, we have lifeguards here, so we wanted to make sure families and young people had access to enjoy the resource."

The Alief Neighborhood Center partnered with Houston Waves Swim Club to provide the swim class at no cost.

Progressive Commercial Aquatics prides itself in building state-of-the-art facilities, like Alief, to provide places where a community can come together and share resources, such as free swim lessons, for all families.

Visit our projects page to read more about the Alief Neighborhood Center, and to browse more builds:

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